Donetsk reveals fate of captured foreign mercenaries if appeal denied

President of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin said that the execution of the death sentence against foreign mercenaries, if the court does not accept the appeal verdict, will be their execution.

He added: “All foreigners have filed an appeal, we are waiting for the court hearing. If the court decides the appropriate punishment procedures, the case will be transferred to the enforcement service for execution, and the execution will be carried out by the firing squad through execution in a non-public manner.”

According to him, the terms of execution of sentences for convicted mercenaries in the Donetsk Republic will be determined by the Service for the Execution of Punishments. Noting that the conditions are not regulated by the legislation of the Republic, therefore, are currently unknown. He said: “There is no specific date for implementation in the legislation on the People’s Assembly. Here the executive service is guided by its internal decisions. The implementation of the resolution is not public and is not subject to media coverage.”

He pointed out that “more than a hundred militants and extremists from Azov are preparing for trial, their cases have been proven, and they have been taken to a pre-trial detention center for trial, “there will be a direct trial somewhere, in each case separately.”

On the other hand, Pushlin said that none of the US representatives had contacted him about the mercenaries, recalling the possibility of discussing the issue of the transfer of American mercenaries.

Three foreigners captured in Mariupol, Britons Sean Banner and Aiden Aslin and Maghribi Saadoun Ibrahim, were sentenced to death on 9 June.

All three pleaded guilty to armed aggression unleashed by Ukraine in order to seize power in the Donetsk Republic.

Source: TASS, Interfax

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