Donetsk authorities: the news that 300 people died in the Mariupol theater is just a rumor

Oleksiy Kotsorobenko, head of the investigative department of the prosecutor’s office of the Donetsk Republic, said that the allegations of the death of 300 people in the explosion at the Mariupol Drama Theater turned out to be incorrect.

Kotsorobenko said that this news was fake and just rumors, and only 14 corpses were found.

He added: “During the operational-search activities, the remains of 14 bodies were found in the buildings of the destroyed drama theater. No other bodies were found.”

According to him, the reason for the sharp stench that reigned in the building after the tragedy was the presence of a fish warehouse in the basement of the restaurant at the theater.

Kotsurubenko indicated that the investigation had completed the entire removal of rubble, all the basements had been inspected.

Source: RIA Novosti

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