Discover the Latest Features of iOS 16: A Comprehensive Guide for Your iPhone

Discover the Latest Features of iOS 16 for Your iPhone

Apple’s latest operating system update for the iPhone — iOS 16 — was released on Monday, and you can download and install it now… if you have an iPhone that supports it. If you’ve got an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you’re out of luck, but don’t worry — you can still access most of the coolest features of your iPhone using iOS 16.

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Share Wi-Fi Passwords Effortlessly

With iOS 16, Apple has made it easier for iPhone users to share Wi-Fi passwords. No longer do you need to have two Apple devices near each other or remember the password to share it. Simply go to Settings, tap on Wi-Fi, select the network you want the password for, and enter your passcode or use Face ID to view and copy the password for sharing.

Declutter Your Photos with Duplicate Removal

The Photos app in iOS 16 now has a built-in feature that allows you to easily find and remove duplicate photos and videos. Simply go to Photos > Albums and select the Duplicates album under Utilities. Apple will scan through your photos and show you any duplicates, allowing you to either delete them individually or merge them with the original.

Siri Can Now Hang Up Calls

Believe it or not, in previous versions of iOS, Siri couldn’t hang up a phone call. But now, with iOS 16, you can use Siri to end your current call. Simply enable the “Call Hang Up” option in Siri & Search settings, and you’ll be able to ask Siri to hang up for you.

Connect Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you’ll be excited to know that you can now pair your Joy-Con controllers with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 16. Simply put your Joy-Con in pairing mode, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and select the Joy-Con from the list.

Enhanced Photo and Video Privacy

To enhance the privacy of your photos and videos, iOS 16 allows you to password protect the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums in the Photos app. When you enable this feature, you’ll need to use Face ID or your passcode to access the contents of these albums.

Effortless Copy and Paste Edits in Photos

If you use the editor tool in the Photos app, iOS 16 has a handy feature that allows you to copy and paste edits between photos. Simply edit a photo, copy the edits, and paste them onto any other photo or video in your camera roll.

Send Emojis with Siri

Siri has always been great at sending text messages and emails, but now, with iOS 16, you can use Siri to send emojis as well. Just say the name of the emoji, like “face with tears of joy emoji,” and Siri will insert it into your text.

Haptic Feedback for Typing

iOS 16 finally brings haptic feedback to the stock iOS keyboard. Enable the Haptic option in Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback, and you’ll feel a slight vibration for each key you type.

Pin Your Favorite Tabs in Safari

If you often have many tabs open in Safari, iOS 16 allows you to pin your favorite tabs for easy access. Simply press down on an open tab and select “Pin Tab” to keep it permanently pinned at the top of Safari.

Unsend Emails with Ease

To prevent accidental email sends, iOS 16 gives you a 10-second window to unsend an email. If you need more time, you can extend the delay to 20 or 30 seconds in the Mail settings.

Face ID Works in Landscape Mode

In previous versions of iOS, Face ID only worked in portrait orientation. But with iOS 16, you can now use Face ID to unlock your iPhone even when it’s in landscape orientation.

Manage Notifications While Screen Sharing

If you’re sharing your screen, iOS 16 automatically disables notifications for privacy reasons. However, if you want to allow notifications to appear while screen sharing, you can enable this feature in the Notifications settings.

Streamline Screenshot Management

With iOS 16, you can take a screenshot, copy it to your clipboard, delete it from your phone, and paste it wherever you like. After taking the screenshot, tap on the preview, then select “Copy and Delete” to copy the screenshot to your clipboard.

Customize Your App Selection

Along with iOS 16, Apple now allows you to remove additional preinstalled apps like Find My, Clock, and Health. Keep in mind that deleting these apps may affect other app functionalities and connected devices.

Extend Siri’s Listening Duration

If you find that Siri cuts you off, you can make the voice assistant listen to you for a longer duration. In the Accessibility settings, select Siri, and choose either “Longer” or “Longest” to adjust the listening time.

These are just some of the incredible features iOS 16 has to offer. For more details and tips on iOS 16 and the iPhone, be sure to check out our iOS 16 cheat sheet and the 22 iOS 16 settings you should change right now. Upgrade your iPhone experience today!

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