Development and consequences of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 09.08.2022/

In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, as the Russian army continues to strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces and military infrastructure and liberate the territory of Donbass.


  • White House: US is ready for a possible halt in Russian energy exports
  • Russian senator: Ukraine will not pay for the import of Western weapons
  • Nebenzya: Washington’s accusations against Russia of creating “liquidation camps” in Ukraine are not consistent with facts and statistics
  • The United States announced a package of military assistance to Ukraine on September 8
  • Russia calls on the Security Council to hold a meeting to discuss the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine
  • White House: Washington is concerned about the rapprochement between Russia and China
  • The UN confirms its readiness to work out the issue of food exports from Russia
  • Pushilin: Voting on joining the DPR to the Russian Federation is a matter of time
  • Serbian President warned Europe about polar winter if it does not find a middle ground with Russia
  • Chizhov: The presence of Russian troops on the territory of the Zaporozhye plant is the best guarantee of its security
  • Polyansky: Russia is preparing “surprises” for the meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine
  • Air defense counter enemy targets in Melitopol
  • Erdogan: European weapons provided to Ukraine are nothing more than rubbish!
  • Zaporozhye authorities report that the headquarters of the movement “We are with Russia” in the city of Melitopol was bombed
  • European Union .. Determines the countries that will take part in the expanded Prague summit
  • Russia: Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the most vulnerable objects in Zaporozhye
  • George Galloway: Energy crisis will ‘break Europe’s back’
  • Chizhov: The story of Russia “purchasing” weapons from the DPRK was fabricated by Western media
  • Poll: France shows declining support for sanctions against Russia
  • Ulyanov: IAEA staff know that Kyiv is bombing the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, and they cannot declare it
  • In Donetsk decided to stop the activities of the joint commission for documenting war crimes
  • UN highlights importance of Russian food and fertilizer access to world markets
  • EU cuts Russian gas imports by 48%
  • Kadyrov sends fighters from elite units to Donbass
  • The authorities of Zaporozhye do not rule out a complete shutdown of the nuclear power plant
  • Egyptian expert reveals ‘big lie’: biggest scam and theft
  • More than 10 explosions sounded in Kherson region
  • The Donetsk Republic is negotiating recognition with seven countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • US newspaper: Ukrainian army complains about heavy losses during the counterattack near Kherson
  • Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland: We are preparing for a “possible war with Russia”
  • European Commissioner for Economic Affairs: Energy crisis raises risk of EU recession
  • European Commission: limiting gas prices from Russia is a temporary measure
  • Media: US plans to supply Ukraine with weapons for a long time
  • German defense: arms imports to Kyiv have reached their limit
  • Source: EU agrees to suspend visa facilitation agreement with Russia

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