"De Welt" German: Putin is preparing a new trap for the West

The German newspaper Die Welt wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing a new trap for the West in the commodity sector.

The article pointed out that Bolivia has the largest lithium reserves in the world and is looking for trading partners to help it extract raw materials widely used in the production of electric vehicles, with Russia being one of the contenders.

“Here lies a new trap in Putin’s raw materials,” the article continues, as the author of the article believes that Russia has a particularly good chance of succeeding in what he calls “poker” lithium. If Moscow succeeds, Europe could once again be captured by its need for raw materials for Russia. According to the US Geological Survey, Bolivia has the largest reserves of lithium in the world (about 21 million tons), ahead of Argentina and Chile in this indicator.

The article concludes that “Russia’s control of the lithium mines in Bolivia would put it in a very advantageous position, given the importance of this raw material to the modern economy.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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