Damascus International Airport reopens after repairing Israeli bombing damage

The Syrian Ministry of Transport announced today, Thursday, the return of Damascus International Airport to service after the completion of restoration and repair work for damage caused by the recent Israeli bombing.

Transport Minister Zuhair Huzaim confirmed that all air carriers can schedule their inbound and outbound flights through the airport from today, Thursday, noting that “the airport will operate with all its energy to serve passengers and operating companies after the renovation.” serious damage to runways and airport equipment as a result of the completion of repairs. The latest Israeli aggression.

Khuzaem pointed to “the enormous efforts of the national cadres who continued to work day and night to reopen the airport and operate it in a safe manner.”

In a similar statement, Syrian Arab Airlines CEO Shefaa Al Nouri confirmed that this morning, Thursday, flights through Damascus International Airport will be resumed and flights will operate as scheduled. without any modification.

Source: Sana

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