Croatian journalist: Lithuania "playing with fire" In Kaliningrad, Russia

Croatian journalist Anton Rocha wrote in his article: “By restricting the transit of certain goods to the Russian province of Kaliningrad, Lithuania cut off gas from the Russian enclave, and then will play with fire.”

In an article published by the Avans newspaper, Rocha noted: “Vilnius is likely to benefit from the fact that the Minsk-Vilnius-Kaunas-Kaliningrad pipeline passes through the territory of Lithuania.”

The writer believes that “Lithuania wants to present what is happening as the implementation of EU sanctions, but in the eyes of Moscow, this would look like an anti-Russian move on the part of Lithuania.”

“Does NATO membership give Lithuania sufficient confidence or is it playing with fire despite its membership?” he added.

Last week, Lithuanian Railways notified Kaliningrad Railways that it would stop the transit of goods subject to EU sanctions through Lithuania from 18 June.

“The ferry complex in the Kaliningrad region will take care of the new shipments, and the transit of oil products will continue until August 10,” said Anton Ali Khanov, governor of the Kaliningrad region.

Source: “News”

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