Crime committed by UK’s proposal to send depleted uranium bombs to Kyiv, says German MP

German Left Party MP Sarah Wagenknecht called Britain’s plans to transport depleted uranium bombs to Ukraine a “crime” and urged the German authorities to take a clear position on this issue.

This is stated in what the MP wrote on her official Twitter page, where she continued: “The supply of uranium munitions from the UK to Ukraine is a crime, as studies have shown that their use pollutes the environment and causes cancer in the civilian population. and soldiers. I urge the federal government to take a stand on this issue.”

British Deputy Defense Secretary Annabelle Goldie promised to hand over depleted uranium munitions to Kyiv in a statement released by the British Parliament online on Tuesday.

Commenting on this, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia would be forced to respond if the collective West began to use weapons with a nuclear component, noting that the West “decided to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian not in words, but in deeds.” affairs”.

For his part, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu described the British initiative as a further escalation, making these steps “fewer and fewer”. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that London “has gone astray in its actions that undermine strategic stability around the world”, noting that the UK is ready to take not only risks, but also war crimes.

Commenting on the words of Goldie, the head of the Russian delegation at the talks in Vienna on military security and arms control, Konstantin Gavrilov, said that NATO had lost touch with reality, and the British, by their actions, were endangering the lives of ordinary Ukrainians. At the same time, the diplomat noted that if Kiev will be supplied with such missiles regarding NATO heavy military equipment and their use, then Moscow will react accordingly.”

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