Creation in Germany of an organization for the protection of Russian citizens from discrimination

Member of the German Parliament (Bundestag) Yevgeny Schmidt announced the creation in Germany of a non-profit organization that will protect Russians from discrimination and racism in this country.

Schmidt said that this organization intends to provide legal assistance to Russian Germans and Russian-speaking citizens in Germany who are subject to discrimination and racism.

Schmidt, who is also a member of the German Alternative party, said he has been chosen as a commissioner for working with Germans of Russian origin.

Noting that he was appointed vice president of this organization, he said: “In this position, I will maintain contact with the citizens of Russia, I will be responsible for working with the media and working with Germans of Russian origin. Bundestag on these issues, since I am a deputy.”

It should be noted that in Germany there have been many cases and cases of harassment and racial discrimination against Russian citizens and Russian speakers.

Source: RIA Novosti

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