Controversy Erupts as Saudi Officials Target European Referees for Saudi Rochen League

Controversy Surrounding European Referees in the Saudi Rochen League

Although the intensity of voices criticizing the transfer of players from European clubs to the Saudi Rochen League has subsided, they are now directed towards the match referees.

The British newspaper The Times has claimed that Saudi football officials are now seeking to fire a number of European referees for the Russian League, particularly from the English Premier League.

Mark Clattenburg, a former English Premier League referee and former head of the Saudi League refereeing committee, has issued a warning to his colleagues against the decision to move to Saudi Arabia.

Clattenburg’s Objections

Clattenburg said in a statement to The Times: “My objections to the release of some referees from Europe to work in Saudi Arabia stem from my inability to imagine that one of them could refuse to work in the Champions League, the Euros or the World Cup. Only those who do this are real.” At the end of his career.

He continued: “I previously worked in Saudi Arabia, thinking that it would not prevent me from becoming a referee at the World Cup or at any of the European Championships, but the international and European federations insisted that they treat me as a referee. A Saudi judge and that I will take my rightful place as one of the European judges!”

Notably, the former England international worked in Saudi Arabia between February 2017 and October 2018.

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