"Change your shirt".. Security in Qatar keeps American journalist out of Ahmed bin Ali stadium because of gay flag colors (photo)

An American journalist covering the World Cup matches in Qatar said he was briefly arrested on his way to a match between the US and Wales for wearing a gay flag T-shirt.

Journalist Grant Wahl, who works for the US network cbs, posted a tweet on Twitter in which he said: “When he entered the Ahmed bin Ali stadium to cover the USA vs. Wales match, the guards prevented him and told him you must change shirt.. It’s not allowed.”

In a second tweet, he added that he was suspended for 25 minutes, where he stated, “I’m fine, but it was an unnecessary test. I’m in the media center. I still wear the shirt. I was detained for almost half an hour.”

He ended his tweet by saying, “Go gay.”

Source: US media + Twitter

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