Chadian Army Attacks Accord and Rotation Front Fighters in Libya with French Air Force Support

French Air Force Supports Chadian Army in Attack on Chadian Fighters in Libya

Libyan media report that the Chadian army attacked the Chadian fighters of the Accord and Rotation Front on Libyan territory with the support of the French Air Force.

Details of the Attack

A member of the Front for Rotation and Accord in Chad stated that “almost 200 pickup trucks belonging to the armed forces of Chad, under the cover of the French Air Force, infiltrated Libyan territory to attack the fighters of the Front.

According to other Libyan sources, Chadian fighters were attacked by units of the Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, which forced the fighters to withdraw into Chadian territory, where they were intercepted by the Chadian armed forces.

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Source: agencies

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