British diplomat: Israeli strikes on Iranian facilities in Syria are the only effective thing

Israeli media have published statements by British government special envoy to Syria Jonathan Hargreaves about Israeli strikes on Iranian targets in Syria.

In conversations with Israeli Foreign Ministry and security apparatus officials, Hargreaves said the alleged Israeli attacks on Iranian targets are “almost the only effective thing in Syria.”

His statement, according to what was quoted by well-informed officials at the Israeli Foreign Ministry on the Vala Hebrew website, came during meetings during his visit to Israel a few weeks ago.

Foreign Ministry officials said the British envoy, in closed consultations he held in Israel, praised the attacks attributed to Israel in Syria in the context of the battle between the wars, and said that the UK and the rest of the great Western countries depended on the results of these shellings, but another British diplomat who attended the meeting told the site no. It is noteworthy that the British envoy praised Israeli shelling in Syria.

A British official said the Iranian presence in Syria could become a center of great power political action.

He stressed that Western countries understand that external pressure will not lead to regime change in Syria.

He added that instead of continuing to demand regime change, Western countries intend to focus on trying to change the policies of the Syrian government.

Foreign Ministry officials indicated that the British envoy said that one of the reasons for continuing the political process in Syria is to continue to receive international support to give the Syrian opposition a platform to act. However, he questioned the effectiveness of the United Nations-led political process. .

The British diplomat explained that his government is trying to convince the Arab countries not to normalize their relations with the Syrian government, referring to Jordan, which this attempt “fell sick”, which led to tensions between it and the Biden administration, and in the end, this did not bring no fruit.

The Hebrew website pointed out that the British envoy’s statements are a signal to Israel that the superpowers do not oppose attacks attributed to Israel against Iranian targets in Syria and that they support his message.

Source: Hebrew media.

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