British and Russian Diplomats Hold Meetings on International Security Amid Ukraine Conflict: Report

British and Russian Diplomats Hold Meetings on International Security

Over the past year and a half, British and Russian diplomats have held a number of meetings on international security issues amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, reports the British newspaper inews.


The newspaper quoted a senior British official as saying: “British officials have held diplomatic talks with key officials in the Kremlin on international security issues in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine,” adding that these meetings have taken place over the past eighteen months in various locations, including Vienna and New York.

Discussion Topics

According to a British official, whose name has not been disclosed, it is possible that during the contacts the parties also discussed issues of food and nuclear security.

Other British diplomats, whom the newspaper did not name, said: “We remain in contact and believe it is very important to maintain an open dialogue during the war in Ukraine.”

Objective of Meetings

Diplomats said the contacts did not include attempts to “divide” Ukraine or negotiate peace agreements “on behalf of the other side.”

An unnamed representative of the British Foreign Ministry also confirmed the fact of the meetings, but emphasized that these meetings touched only on issues of “vital importance” for the UK, and added that contacts took place, in particular, at the Organization’s sites on Security and Cooperation in Europe and meetings of the UN Security Council.


The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has prompted British and Russian diplomats to engage in regular meetings on international security issues. While the exact details of these meetings remain undisclosed, it is clear that maintaining an open dialogue is deemed crucial by British officials. The discussions have taken place at various locations, indicating the significance of resolving the conflict and ensuring global security.

Source: “News”

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