Black Desert Online Update 2.42 Patch Notes Details are Out Now – June 23, 2022

Pearl Abyss has released a new Update 2.42 for Black Desert Online. The following is a detailed overview of all the changes, fixes, and improvements implemented in the recently released version of the game. The Black Desert Online Update 2.42 can now be downloaded, but the file size could vary depending on the platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

● Increased the drop rates and amount of loot obtained from defeating the following Great Ocean monsters.
Saltwater Crocodile
[Violent] Black Rust
[Violent] Nineshark
[Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust
[Predator of Vadabin] Young Black Rust
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea]Goldmont Small, Medium, and Large Battleships
[Main Fleet] Goldmont Small, Medium, and Large Battleships
[Chasing Dark High Seas] Black Rust
[Chasing Dark High Seas] Nineshark
Normal and [Young] Candidum
Normal and [Young] Nineshark
Normal and [Young] Black Rust
Normal and [Young] Hekaru
Normal and [Young] Ocean Stalker
Cursed Pirate Ship
● Changed the following monster zones to now bear unique traits with the adjustments made to loot reward types and drop chance.
Monster ZoneTrait
Saltwater Crocodile HabitatMaterials for Chiro’s Ship Parts (used on Carracks)
Lekrashan HabitatSea Crystals (used on ships)
[Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust HabitatBlack Stones for enhancing ship equipment
Goldmont Pirate TerritorySailor/Sailing/Combat EXP Gains
Sea Crystals and Black Stones for enhancing ship equipment at a lower drop rate than Lekrashan and [Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust Habitats
Hekaru, Ocean Stalker, Young Hekaru, Young Ocean Stalker, Sea of Silence
Young Candidum, Young Nineshark, Young Black Rust
Materials to upgrade Galleass and Caravels
* Verdant Black Stone, Moon Scale Plywood, etc.
● Adjusted the Agris Fever Points consumed when defeating the following Great Ocean monsters with the adjustments to junk loot.
Great Ocean MonsterAgris Fever Point Cost
Saltwater Crocodile /  [Violent] Black Rust / [Violent] Nineshark140
[Predator of Vadabin] Black Rust200
[Predator of Vadabin] Young Black Rust40
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet] Goldmont Small Battleships60
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet] Goldmont Medium Battleships150
[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet] Goldmont Large Battleships300
[Chasing Dark High Seas] Black Rust / [Chasing Dark High Seas] Nineshark250

● Adjusted the difficulty for the Saltwater Crocodile Habitat from Party of 2 to now be soloable.- The health of Saltwater Crocodiles has been reduced by 40% accordingly.- The loot drops remain same as before if attempted with a party of 2.

● Increased the Combat and Sailing EXP gains for your character and EXP gains for your Sailors when defeating [Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea], [Main Fleet], and normal Goldmont Small, Medium, and Large Battleships.
● Added an item that drops from defeating Sea Monsters
– Ferocious Sea Monster’s Spirit Pouch: Vendor loot affected by Agris Fever and Item Collection Increase Gauge.

– Sea Monster’s Bizarre Fang: Drops at a low rate from defeating certain Sea Monsters. Can be exchanged for the following items from [Crow Coin Exchange] and [Trade Goods Exchange] NPCs.* Sea Monster’s Bizarre Fang x1 → Blue Whale Oil
* Sea Monster’s Bizarre Fang x1 → Blue Whale Tendon

● Increased the maximum price for the following items on the Central Market.
– Whale Tendon Potion: 1.6 million Silver
– Superior Whale Tendon Potion: 4.2 million Silver
– Whale Tendon Elixir: 5.4 million Silver
– Tough Whale Tendon Elixir: 17.6 million Silver
– Blue Whale Oil: 16.7 million Silver
– Blue Whale Tendon: 16 million Silver
– Coral Crystal: 9 million Silver
– Elixir of Deep Sea: 20 million Silver
● Greatly reduced the Workload required for Sunset Black Stones.
– Workload: 10,000 → 600
* This will take approx. 20 minutes for a Worker with 150 Work Speed.
* Head over to Chiro’s Ship Part Workshop in Iliya Island 3 for more information.
* If a work order is already in progress, once their work is complete, the item will be stored in the storage at Iliya Island.
● Morco of the Crow Merchants Guild is now exchanging Crow Merchants Guild’s Barter Vouchers for Verdant Black Stones in Velia.
● Added region quests in the Arsha Sea near Iliya Island and Nox Sea near Lema Island to obtain Sea Monster’s Ooze.

Quest Name/ConditionDetails/Rewards
Ocean Stalker from the Great Ocean
(Available from Lv. 50)
Defeat Hungry Ocean Stalker x2 near Iliya Island
– Reward: Sea Monster’s Ooze x100
Hekaru from the Great Ocean
(Available from Lv. 50)
Defeat Hungry Hekaru x2 near Lema Island
– Reward: Sea Monster’s Ooze x100

● Added 3 new Heating recipes to craft Adhesive for Upgrade used to upgrade Epheria Caravel and Galleass.
– Sea Monster’s Ooze x1 and White Cedar Sap x300
– Sea Monster’s Ooze x1 and Acacia Sap x300
– Sea Monster’s Ooze x1 and Elder Tree Sap x300
* The previous recipe involved Sea Monster’s Ooze x1, White Cedar Sap x100, Acacia Sap x100, and Elder Tree Sap x100

● Adjusted the materials required for upgrading Epheria Caravel and Galleass.- You will now need 4 Seaweed Stalk to upgrade a Caravel (previously 6).- You will now need 3 Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square to upgrade a Galleass (previously 6).

● Improved the following item descriptions for materials used to upgrade ships.- The different uses and means to obtain the following items have been added to the descriptions.

Verdant Black Stone
Sea Monster’s Ooze
Graphite Ingot for Upgrade
Timber for Upgrade
Adhesive for Upgrade
Island Tree Coated Plywood
Rock Salt Ingot
Ruddy Manganese Nodule
Khan’s Tendon
Moon Vein Flax Fabric
Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square
Deep Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square
Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood
Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot
Cobalt Ingot
Pure Pearl Crystal
Tear of the Ocean
Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Beginner)
Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Expert)
Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Combat)
Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue
Khan’s Scale
Moon Scale Plywood
Bright Reef Piece
Seaweed Stalk
Luminous Cobalt Ingot
Brilliant Pearl Shard
Great Ocean Dark Iron
Abyssal Gem
Saltwater Crocodile’s Scale
Violent Sea Monster’s Bone
Violent Sea Monster’s Scale
Violent Sea Monster’s Ooze
Violent Wave Plywood
Delicately Polished Support
Wave Residue Adhesive
Starlight Powder
Starlight Hardener
Starlight Emulsifier
● Changed the location for the region quests Hungry Sea Creatures’ Crystal I to III from the Arsha Sea to the Ahrmo Sea.


New and Improvements


● Fixed the issue where the AP of your minions summoned within Marni’s Realm was abnormal.

● Dusk Slash – Fixed the issue where comboing into the skill’s attack 2 after the following wouldn’t apply the All DP +10 for 15 sec effect:
– Seismic Strike, Frenzied Spear, Shield Assault, Shield Tide

● Prime: Dream of Doom IV – Fixed the issue where the wrong number of targets were hit when using the skill through Succession: Imminent Doom.

● Prime: Crust Crusher – Fixed the issue where using the skill while in the Prime: Serene Mind state wouldn’t play any sound effects.

● Blitz Stab – Fixed the issue where the Ultimate version of the skill wouldn’t activate on hits.

● Prime: Tendon Cutter – Fixed the issue where using the skill at a certain distance from the target wouldn’t activate the last extra attack.

● Black Spirit: Sura ChaoSpree – Fixed the issue where the Down and Back Attacks wouldn’t activate.

● Succession: Phantasmal Snare – Changed to no longer let your character move with the mouse during the skill.


● Improved the summoning method and loot dropped from using the Manshaum Narc’s Stone as follows:
– You can now use 5 Manshaum Narc’s Stone to summon an empowered boss with a party.
– You can activate the “Faded Ancient Relic” summoning device that has appeared in the northern Lemoria Beacon Towers.
* You also simply summon by pressing RMB on the scroll as before.

BeforeAfter (Method Added)
Move to the designated location and use to summon monster
Defeat and receive rewards
Move to the designated NPC and interact to summon
(by registering 5 Manshaum Narc’s Stones)
All other party members need to register 5 of the summoning items each
Defeat and all party members will receive rewards
* Previous method available




* Obtainable Loot

Narc Ear Accessory
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
Forest Fury
Wind Spirit Stone Fragment
Earth Spirit Stone Fragment
Water Spirit Stone Fragment
Destruction Spirit Stone
Guardian Spirit Stone
Life Spirit Stone
Caphras Stone
Black Stone (Weapon)
Black Stone (Armor)
Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast
Rainbow Gem Fruit
Breezy Conch Seaweed
Peridot Petal
Hunter’s Seal
Narc Magic Mark

– The following changes have been applied to Narc Brishka and Voraro who are summoned from the Manshaum Narc’s Stone.
* Narc Brishka’s health increased by approx. 140%.
* Narc Brishka’s DP reduced by approx. 11%.
* Narc Brishka’s AP increased by approx. 80%.
* Narc Brishka’s shield’s health increased by approx. 940%.
* Voraro’s health increased by approx. 90%.
* Voraro’s DP reduced by approx. 11%.
* Voraro’s AP increased by approx. 60%.
* Narc Brishka and Voraro will no longer be affected by debuff effects.
● Fixed the issue where the game client would freeze in the Areha Palm Forest battlefield of Arena of Solare.
● Applied the following changes to Arena of Solare:
– Changed the alert messages for Breath of Flora and Water’s Chill to appear more natural.
– Improved the buff icons for Wind’s Song, Fire’s Warmth, and Water’s Chill.
– Added the following crystal to be available to be transfused in the helmet socket for the Arena of Solare:
* Red Battlefield Crystal: Harphia
– Changed all pets to automatically be checked in upon entering the battlefield.
– Fixed the issue where you could target enemies who used Emergency Escape.
– Fixed the issue where you could use general chat via chat macros in the battlefield.
– Improved the sound effects for the countdown before each match.
– Fixed the issue where the current round would end immediately if an Adventurer leaves in the middle of the match.

● Barterers have announced a new list of land items they will barter for. Certain items they used to barter will no longer be accepted.
– Changed the list of trade goods available for Lv. 1 Bartering as follows.
* Added 40 new trade goods to the lists.

Silk Thread
Cotton Yarn
Cotton Fabric
Wolf Hide
Bear Hide
Belladonna Elephant Hide
Thick Fur
Tough Hide
Rough Translucent Crystal
Rough Green Crystal
Rough Blue Crystal
Rough Violet Crystal
Rough Jade
Rough Obsidian Ore
Lead Ingot
Tin Ingot
Noc Ingot
Maple Plank
Pine Plank
Birch Plank
Palm Plank
White Cedar Plank
Acacia Plank
Moss Tree Plank
Thornwood Plank
Potato Dough
Sweet Potato Dough
Corn Dough
Barley Dough
Big Sky Mushroom
Big Tiger Mushroom
Big Emperor Mushroom
Pure Powder Reagent
Legendary Beast’s Blood
Tyrant’s Blood
Wise Man’s Blood
Shining Powder
Old Tree Branch
* Reduced the amount required for trading each of the following goods:
Silkworm Cocoon
Knitting Yarn
Lion Hide
Feather Wolf Hide
Processed Coal
Noc Ore
Lead Ore
Copper Ingot
Elder Tree Plank
Loopy Tree Plank
Sinner’s Blood
Ground Bird Meat
Pink Trumpet Mushroom
Big Arrow Mushroom
Big Cloud Mushroom
Big Fortune Teller Mushroom
Grilled Bird Meat
Essence of Liquor
Wheat Dough
Rough Red Crystal
Rough Black Crystal
Purified Water
Bag of Muddy Water
* Removed the following trade goods from the lists:
Acacia Sap
White Cedar Sap
Elder Tree Sap
Rough Stone
Violet Crystal
Melted Iron Shard
Wild Grass
Fruit of Perfection
Fruit of Destruction
Fruit of Abundance
Fruit of Magic Power
Spirit’s Leaf
Bloody Tree Knot
Red Tree Lump
Powder of Rifts
Monk’s Branch
Powder of Time
Powder of Darkness
Powder of Flame
Old Tree Bark
Thick Meat Stew
Cactus Rind
Cactus Thorn
Cedar Plank
Rough Mud Crystal


 As we mentioned in the GM note, we’re implementing a bunch of changes such as reducing the weight of Imperial Delivery boxes, improving the Item Recover function, etc.
We’re thankful for all of our Adventurers and their constant feedback, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on these new additions as well.

● Changed the weight of the following cooking and alchemy boxes used for Imperial Delivery to 10LT:

Apprentice’s Cooking Box
Skilled Cook’s Cooking Box
Professional’s Cooking Box
Artisan’s Cooking Box
Master’s Cooking Box
Guru’s Cooking Box
Apprentice’s Alchemy Box
Skilled Alchemist’s Medicine Box
Professional’s Medicine Box
Artisan’s Medicine Box
Master’s Medicine Box
Guru’s Medicine Box
Apprentice’s Fried Fish Cooking Box
Apprentice’s Boiled Egg Cooking Box
Apprentice’s Five-Grain Chicken Porridge Cooking Box
Skilled Cook’s Meat Stew Cooking Box
Skilled Cook’s Soft Bread Cooking Box
Skilled Cook’s Fish Fillet Chip Cooking Box
Skilled Cook’s Fruit Pudding Cooking Box
Professional’s Meat Pie Cooking Box
Professional’s Fine Scent Cooking Box
Professional’s Omelet Cooking Box
Professional’s Steak Cooking Box
Artisan’s Seafood Pasta Cooking Box
Artisan’s Meat Croquette Cooking Box
Artisan’s Cheese Gratin Cooking Box
Artisan’s Desert Dumpling Cooking Box
Artisan’s Honey Wine Cooking Box
Artisan’s Honeycomb Cookie Cooking Box
Master’s Sute Tea Cooking Box
Master’s Dark Pudding Cooking Box
Master’s Meat Sandwich Cooking Box
Master’s Milk Tea Cooking Box
Master’s Ham Sandwich Cooking Box
Apprentice’s Elixir of Wings Alchemy Box
Skilled Alchemist’s Elixir of Seal Alchemy Box
Skilled Alchemist’s Elixir of Energy Alchemy Box
Skilled Alchemist’s Elixir of Mentality Alchemy Box
Professional’s Elixir of Amity Alchemy Box
Professional’s Elixir of Demihuman Hunt Alchemy Box
Artisan’s Grim Reaper’s Elixir Alchemy Box
Artisan’s Elixir of Sky Alchemy Box
Artisan’s Elixir of Carnage Alchemy Box
Master’s Elixir of Detection Alchemy Box
Master’s Elixir of Death Alchemy Box
Master’s Golden Hand Elixir Alchemy Box
Master’s Elixir of Frenzy Alchemy Box
Master’s Elixir of Perforation Alchemy Box
Master’s Elixir of Assassination Alchemy Box


● Added the following items to be recoverable through the Item Recover function in your inventory.
– The rules for the Item Recover function remain the same as before.
* You will only see recoverable items specific to your character that were deleted within the past 30 days.

New Items Available with Item Recover
Fughar’s Timepiece
Patrigio’s Apparel Bag
Valks’ Cry
Sealed Compass (120 min)
Al Yurad’s Ring Piece
Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece
Map of Unknown Piece
Upgraded Compass Parts
Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass Parts
Archaeologist’s Map Piece
Ancient Sherekhan’s Panacea
Ancient Valtarra’s Clairvoyance
Ancient Narc’s Crimson Tear
Ancient Ron’s Tintinnabulum
Ancient Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak
Ancient Markthanan’s Gland
Katzvariak’s Venom
Valtarra’s Memory
Narc’s Solace
Tranquil Tinniolum
Blood Wolf’s Oath
Dragon’s Fang
Chenga – Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom
Caphras Stone
Ancient Spirit Dust
Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder
Burning Moonlight Black Stone
Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)
Black Stone (Weapon)
Black Stone (Armor)
Time-filled Black Stone
Tuvala Ore
Beginner Black Stone (Weapon)
Beginner Black Stone (Armor)
Main Weapon Exchange Coupon
Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon
Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon
Theiah’s Orb
Tuvala Main Weapon Exchange Coupon
Tuvala Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon
Tuvala Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon
Mystical Spirit Powder
[Season] Tuvala Main Weapon Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Sub-weapon Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Awakening Weapon Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Helmet Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Armor Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Glove Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Shoes Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Necklace Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Earring Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Ring Conversion Stone
[Season] Tuvala Belt Conversion Stone
[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon
[Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box
Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (60 min)
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min)
Book of Training – Combat (1 Hour/3 Hours/5 Hours/10 Hours)
Book of Training – Skill (1 Hour/3 Hours/5 Hours/10 Hours)
Mount All Skill Training Coupon
Kydict’s Crystal – Adventure
Kydict’s Crystal – Giant
[Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock
Hunter’s Seal
Destruction Spirit Stone
Life Spirit Stone
[Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone
Mount Skill Change Coupon
Mass of Pure Magic
Naru Helmet
Naru Armor
Naru Gloves
Naru Shoes
Laila’s Petal
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Kzarka’s Latent Aura
Nouver’s Latent Aura
Karanda’s Latent Aura
Kutum’s Latent Aura
Blessed Message Scroll (100 min)
Venomous Night Fang
Giath’s Latent Aura
Griffon’s Latent Aura
Dim Tree Spirit’s Latent Aura
Red Nose’s Latent Aura
Bheg’s Latent Aura
Leebur’s Latent Aura
Muskan’s Latent Aura
Urugon’s Latent Aura
[Honor] Dobart Helmet
[Honor] Dobart Armor
[Honor] Dobart Gloves
[Honor] Dobart Shoes
[Balenos] Shiel’s Outfit Box
[Honor] Taritas Helmet
[Honor] Taritas Armor
[Honor] Taritas Gloves
[Honor] Taritas Shoes
[Serendia] Cleia’s Outfit Box
[Honor] Hercules’ Might Helmet
[Honor] Hercules’ Might Armor
[Honor] Hercules’ Might Gloves
[Honor] Hercules’ Might Shoes
[Calpheon] Elle’s Outfit Box
[Honor] Grunil Helmet
[Honor] Grunil Armor
[Honor] Grunil Gloves
[Honor] Grunil Shoes
[Mediah] Lucy’s Outfit Box
[Kamasylvia] Grelias’ Outfit Box
Honorable Outfit Box

● Increased the maximum price of Destruction, Guardian, and Life Spirit Stones registered on the Central Market.
– Blue grade: 8.1 million Silver
– Green grade: 5.4 million Silver
● Increased the max price of Vell’s Fine Powder on the Central Market to 4.68 million Silver.
– “Vell’s Fine Powder Box” has been removed from Crow Coin Shops accordingly.
● Increased the max price of the following lightstones on the Central Market to 5 billion Silver:

Lightstone of Fire: Blight
Lightstone of Fire: Roar
Lightstone of Fire: Fallen
Lightstone of Fire: Frenzy
Lightstone of Fire: Ground
Lightstone of Fire: Aerial
Lightstone of Fire: Shadows
Lightstone of Fire: Strike
Lightstone of Fire: Earthquake
Lightstone of Fire: Rigid
Lightstone of Fire: Vines
Lightstone of Fire: Meteor
Lightstone of Fire: Typhoon
Lightstone of Fire: Blade
Lightstone of Earth: Veil
Lightstone of Earth: Disrupt
Lightstone of Earth: Mountain
Lightstone of Earth: Swamp
Lightstone of Earth: Sand
Lightstone of Earth: Boulder
Lightstone of Earth: Roots
Lightstone of Wind: Mind
Lightstone of Wind: Feather
Lightstone of Wind: Fortune
Lightstone of Flora: Wildlife
Lightstone of Flora: Paradise
Lightstone of Flora: Forest
Lightstone of Flora: Patience
Lightstone of Flora: Track
Lightstone of Flora: Stir
Lightstone of Flora: Malleable
Lightstone of Flora: Deft
Lightstone of Flora: Steed
Lightstone of Flora: Blue
Iridescent Lightstone
 We’re adding new Alchemy recipes for crafting Purified Lightstones
These new recipes use Magical Lightstone Crystals instead of Black Gem Fragments. You can exchange Imperfect Lightstones or Lightstones you no longer need for Magical Lightstone Crystals with a character of at least Alchemy Guru 1 through Dalishain the Wandering Alchemist.

● Added new Alchemy recipes to craft Purified Lightstones.

New Alchemy RecipesProduct
Imperfect Lightstone of Fire x1
Magical Lightstone Crystal x10
Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor) x10
Powder of Flame x50
Clear Liquid Reagent x50

Purified Lightstone of Fire
Imperfect Lightstone of Earth x1
Magical Lightstone Crystal x10
Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor) x10
Powder of Earth x50
Pure Powder Reagent x50

Purified Lightstone of Earth
Imperfect Lightstone of Wind x1
Magical Lightstone Crystal x10
Black Stone (Weapon) or
Black Stone (Armor) x10
Powder of Rifts x50
Clear Liquid Reagent x50

Purified Lightstone of Wind
Imperfect Lightstone of Flora x1
Magical Lightstone Crystal x10
Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor) x10
Powder of Time x50
Pure Powder Reagent x50

Purified Lightstone of Flora

– Added a new exchange with the Wandering Alchemist Dalishain. Characters that have Alchemy Guru 1 or higher can hand over lightstones to receive “Magical Lightstone Crystal,” which is to perform the newly added alchemical formulas.


* The number of Magical Lightstone Crystals received is different depending on the lightstone you hand over.

Lightstone Handed OverMagical Lightstone Crystal Received
Imperfect Lightstone of Firex6
Imperfect Lightstone of Earthx6
Imperfect Lightstone of Windx6
Imperfect Lightstone of Florax6
Lightstone of Fire: Ragex10
Lightstone of Fire: Markedx10
Lightstone of Fire: Predationx10
Lightstone of Fire: Zealx10
Lightstone of Fire: Rushx10
Lightstone of Fire: Clawsx10
Lightstone of Earth: Iron Wallx10
Lightstone of Earth: Wavesx10
Lightstone of Earth: Fittedx10
Lightstone of Wind: Heartx10
Lightstone of Wind: Lungsx10
Lightstone of Wind: Alert (Combat)x10
Lightstone of Wind: Alert (Skill)x10
Lightstone of Flora: Plainsx10
Lightstone of Flora: Bitex10
Lightstone of Flora: Trapx10
Lightstone of Flora: Secretx10
Lightstone of Flora: Timex10
Lightstone of Flora: Toolx10
Lightstone of Flora: Gallopx10
Lightstone of Flora: Wagonx10
Lightstone of Flora: Harvestx10
Lightstone of Flora: Unchartedx10
Lightstone of Flora: Hagglerx10
Lightstone of Fire: Blightx100
Lightstone of Fire: Roarx100
Lightstone of Fire: Fallenx100
Lightstone of Fire: Groundx100
Lightstone of Fire: Aerialx100
Lightstone of Fire: Shadowsx100
Lightstone of Fire: Strikex100
Lightstone of Fire: Rigidx100
Lightstone of Fire: Vinesx100
Lightstone of Fire: Meteorx100
Lightstone of Fire: Typhoonx100
Lightstone of Fire: Bladex100
Lightstone of Earth: Veilx100
Lightstone of Earth: Swampx100
Lightstone of Earth: Sandx100
Lightstone of Earth: Boulderx100
Lightstone of Earth: Rootsx100
Lightstone of Wind: Mindx100
Lightstone of Wind: Featherx100
Lightstone of Wind: Forestx100
Lightstone of Wind: Patiencex100
Lightstone of Flora: Trackx100
Lightstone of Flora: Stirx100
Lightstone of Flora: Malleablex100
Lightstone of Flora: Deftx100
Lightstone of Flora: Steedx100
Lightstone of Flora: Bluex100
Lightstone of Fire: Frenzyx500
Lightstone of Fire: Earthquakex500
Lightstone of Earth: Disruptx500
Lightstone of Earth: Mountainx500
Lightstone of Wind: Fortunex500
Lightstone of Flora: Wildlifex500
Lightstone of Flora: Paradisex500
Iridescent Lightstonex500

● Increased the duration of 115 food and scroll items to maintain matching 30-min increments between the different durations.
– e.g.) Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) → Blessed Message Scroll (120 min)
– Duration: 40 min, 45 min → 60 min
– Duration: 75 min → 90 min
– Duration: 90 min, 110 min → 120 min
– Duration: 120 min → 150 min
* A detailed list of all the adjusted items are listed below.

● Improved Liana’s Tool Bag to quickly swap stored tools with other Gathering tools in your Inventory.
– Can be instantly swapped out by pressing RMB on the Gathering tool while having the Tool Bag opened.


● Improved the descriptions of the following items to clearly show how to obtain and use them.

Ibellab’s Essence
Glorious Item Drop Rate Increase Scroll
Glorious Extra Combat EXP Scroll
Glorious Extra Skill EXP Scroll
Glorious Extra Life EXP Scroll
[Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll (10 Hours)
[Event] Life Skill Mastery Increase Scroll
J’s Special Scroll
[Event] Intermediate Old Moon Scroll
[Event] Advanced Old Moon Scroll
[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min)
Combat & Skill EXP 400% Scroll (60 min)
[Event] Scroll of the Glorious Battlefield
Mercenary’s Experience (60 min)
Mercenary’s Skill (60 min)
Extra Life EXP Scroll
[Event] Extra Life EXP Scroll (10%)
Extra Sailing EXP Scroll
Extra Combat EXP Scroll
Extra Skill EXP Scroll
Extra Mount EXP Scroll
Max HP Increase Scroll
Max MP Increase Scroll
Desert Illness Resistance Increase Scroll
[Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll (Temp)
[Event] Luck Increase Scroll
[Event] Max HP Increase Scroll
[Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll
[Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll
[Event] Extra Life EXP Scroll (50%)
[Event] Extra Mount EXP Scroll (1 Hour)
Extra Mount EXP Scroll (10 Hours)
Skill EXP +300% Scroll
[Event] Carnation
Blessed Message Scroll (120 min)

● Separated the [Guardian] Mueburus Gloves from the [Guardian] Mueburus Armor.
– Added [Guardian] Mueburus Gloves to the outfit boxes that contain the [Guardian] Mueburus Armor.
– Adventurers who had the [Guardian] Mueburus Armor in their possession will find the [Guardian] Mueburus Gloves in their storage in Heidel.
* Please contact [Support] and attach screenshots of the item tooltips displaying the info of the dyes applied to the outfit previously if the color has changed.
● Changed the names and descriptions of the “Item Collection Increase Scrolls” items. (Their effects remain the same.)
– Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) → Item Collection Increase Scroll
– [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) → [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll
– Item Collection Increase Scroll (30 min) → Item Collection Increase Scroll
– Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced (60 min) → Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced
– Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced (60 min) → [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced
● Added information on how to make “Frenzy Draught of Corruption” in the description of the “Frenzy Draught” item.
● Changed the grade of the “Rift’s Fragment” from green to blue.
● Switched the direction of the Blackstar Dagger icon to match the direction of all the other daggers.
● Fixed the issue where equipping the Wailing or Obliterating Fallen God’s Armor with certain items wouldn’t display the effects for certain classes.


 We are making adjustments to the Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground loot drop rates.
The drop rates of items such as Forest Fury, Elkarr, and others was reduced. The drop rate of Caphras Stones was increased and we added the Destruction Spirit Stone to be dropped here.
These change were not made to lower the drop rates in Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground. The main focus of these changes was to adjust the value of certain loot across all the monster zones.

● Made the following changes to the Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground:
– Increased the drop rate of Caphras Stones by approximately 15%.
– Added “Destruction Spirit Stone” to drop in this monster zone.
– Added “Trace of Memory” to drop in this monster zone.
– Reduced Elkarr drop rate by approximately 75%.
– Reduced Krogdalo’s Origin Stone drop rate by approximately 85%.
– Reduced Forest Fury drop rate by approximately 69%.
– Reduced Swaying Wind Shard drop rate by approximately 52%.
– Reduced Pure Forest Breath drop rate by approximately 69%.
● Fixed the issue where “lost” Mountain Sheep would appear in incorrect locations throughout the northern regions of Mediah.
● [Elvia] Applied the following changes to Gehaku Plain.
– Added a special attack pattern to Gehaku at Primal Giant Post.
– Reduced the frequency of Gehaku’s charging attacks at Primal Giant Post.
– Made it easier to spot [Ravening] Giants, Giant Fighters, and Gehaku at Primal Giant Post.
– Changed how the “World-weary Souls” who appear after defeating Giants gather.
● [Elvia] Applied the following changes to Quint Hill.
– Changed the spawn locations of [Sealed] Troll Shamans.
– Changed the spawn locations of [Risen] Ancient Trolls.
● Slightly increased the area of the Rift of Despair’s effect in Elvia Calpheon


 We originally made the ability to use certain skills while auto-running on a mount available to Adventurers with high enough mastery in Training. Considering how much more difficult it is to level Training compared to other Life Skills, we had initially set the bar to “at least Artisan 1,” but found that not as many Adventurers were using this ability. With the hopes that many more Adventurers will enjoy this ability, we decided to lower the requirement to “at least Professional 1.”

● Lowered the requirement to use the function which automatically used certain skills while auto-moving on mounts.

MountsAutomated SkillsRequirements
HorsesSprintAt least Training Artisan 1 → At least Training Professional 1
CamelsQuick StepsAt least Training Artisan 1 → At least Training Professional 1
Miniature ElephantsQuick RunAt least Training Artisan 1 → At least Training Professional 1
Forest Path WagonsForest RushAt least Training Artisan 1 → At least Training Professional 1
Derome the Donkey
Cherose the Donkey
Vallet the Donkey
Run Run (Shais Only)At least Training Artisan 1 → At least Training Professional 1

Quest, Knowledge

 We’ve added some side quests for world-building purposes.
We plan on adding more quests like these where you, the Adventurer, will be helping out random NPCs, both changing the in-game world for the better as you get a better understanding of said NPCs, thereby breathing new life into the immersive world of Black Desert.

● Added several new side quests in the world of Black Desert.
– A child with a beautiful voice is afraid to sing before others in the streets of Calpheon.
– A soldier stationed at Trina Fort is exhausted by the ongoing war.
– Cries for aid can be heard from the Falres Dirt Farm and Bain Farmland in Calpheon.
– A bounty hunter at the Dancing Marlin Tavern near Velia wharf has a strange tale to share.
– Constante, innkeeper at the Golden Toad Inn, has a tale to share about a familiar face from Balenos. (Available if you’ve completed [Balenos] [Crossroad] The Aged Chief’s Last Gift)
– A merchant who’s left for the Ibellab Oasis has yet to return to Valencia.
– Benns Joanna of the Lamute Gang has a tale of a unique friendship on the isle of Papua Crinea.
● Added [Elvia] Darkness Upon the Saunil Battlefield to the Suggested questline of [Combat] The Tale of the Godr-Ayed Weapon.
* This quest rewards you with a substantial amount of Scorching Sun Shards (once per Family).
● Merindora, the Eldest Spirit in Grána, wishes to share the tale regarding the “Godr-Ayed weapon” to even more Adventurers. Now you can hear about the story behind the Godr-Ayed weapon even without a TET (IV) Blackstar weapon in possession.
– Changed the quest acceptance condition for “[Godr-Ayed Weapon] Merindora’s Calling” as follows:
* Before: TET (IV) Blackstar weapon in possession
* After: From Lv. 60
– Changed the quest acceptance condition for “[Godr-Ayed Weapon] In the Fallen God’s Name,” which converts your TET (IV) Blackstar weapon into a Godr-Ayed weapon, as follows:
* Before: Complete “[Godr-Ayed Weapon] Merindora’s Calling” and Blackstar weapon in possession
* After: Blackstar weapon in possession
● Nurio, the node manager of Stonebeak Shore, wishes to share the dream he had.
– Complete the “Nurio’s Dream” quest to get the new title “We Got Nuri-ft Off!”
● Improved the Caphras’ Worn Record #1 to 4 Knowledge entries to be learned via talking with O’Arma.
● Improved the “Use the Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll and Defeat the Boss” objective on the Progression Pass to be completed even when summoning with more than 1 summon scroll.
● Changed the quest objective for [Season Quest] Day 29, A Scroll of Strange Symbols.
– Quest Objective: Use the Scroll Written in Ancient Language → Use the Scroll Written in Ancient Language, then defeat Khalk
* Can also be completed by summoning with more than 1 summon scroll.
● Changed so that the following quests don’t show in the Suggested quest list while proceeding with main quests on your season character.
– [Season] First Step to Greatness, Balenos, [Season] Into the Tangled World, Serendia, [Season] Fate, Justice, and Power, Calpheon, [Season] Fixer of Turbulent Times, Mediah

Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Fixed the issue of not being able to skip the cutscenes with the keyboard when only Use Gamepad was activated out of Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue of not being able to skip the cutscenes with the controller for Gamepad UI mode.


● Fixed the issue where an error message appeared when attempting to craft items through Eilton housing from the World Map (M) in Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue where it was difficult to navigate the monster zone UI in the World Map (M) with a gamepad for Gamepad UI mode.
● Changed the “Deposit” button in the Guild (G) – Guild Member Status window to display a tooltip for Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue where the Edit UI function could be used while the character was moving.


 Changed the requirement of the notification popping up at the top of the screen as previously mentioned in the GM notes. Previously, the notification displayed when a green item or higher was obtained. We have changed the requirement to only displaying for blue items or higher so the notification is more useful.
In the past, obtaining Black Stones was a worthy feat, but as it’s become easier to attain them, we have adjusted notifications not to display for them even though they are a red grade item.

● Changed the requirements for obtained items to appear at the top of the screen as system notifications as follows:
– Improved the system alert displayed when obtaining items from crafting, dismantling, treasure chests, looting, gathering, quests, and talking with NPCs to now only appear for obtaining items of blue grade or higher
* Only notifications for blue grade or higher items that can be registered to the Center Market will show.
* Black Stones and some items didn’t show the notifications regardless of item grades.
● Changed so that cheer motion doesn’t activate when obtaining Black Gem.
● Fixed the issue of a file not uploading to the Setting Archive in certain situations.
● Fixed the issue of forced PvP activating when other Adventurers attack when a character with Karma lower than 0 mounts on a cannon placed by a guild member with Karma 1 or higher.
● Fixed the issue of underwater cave mysterious light sound effects not playing.
● Fixed the issue where the image on the loading screen when entering the Red Battlefield was awkwardly displayed.
● Fixed the issue where the game would crash if your controller was disconnected during a cutscene in Gamepad UI mode.


● Added PT/ES videos in Black Desert TV livestream due to Black Desert being serviced in South America.
● Fixed the issue of Mountain of Eternal Winter Pack details being cut off from the smaller screen.
● Changed the icon for the official community list page arrangement.
● Changed the sign up button text to “Create Pearl Abyss ID” on mobile.
● Fixed the issue of some chart border lines not displaying well within the Adventurer’s Guide.
● Improved Oasis report button UI for Adventurer’s Guide knowledge not showing.
● Improved payment method display for the select payment method screen on the official website.
● Fixed the issue of text overlapping when selecting the See Password option when entering a password.


● Changed and separated the following terms in English.
– Upgraded Plating to Upgraded Plating and Enhanced Plating.
– Changed the following.


Modified or Changed

● [Lahn] Fixed the issue of motions are repeatedly displaying while idle when Everwaltz Blossom Armor is equipped.
● [Nova] Improved to not show the black leather part of the neck when the Blood Countess Helmet was equipped by itself or an outfit other than Blood Countess was equipped.
● [Nova] Fixed the leather lining material and the chain of the chest overlapping when customizing the Blood Countess outfit.
● [Shai] Fixed the issue of One-Two-Three’s Attack 2 and 3 effect colors not changing if Twinkle Star Clothes were equipped.
● Fixed some of the summaries and dialog text of the following quests:
– [Daily] Supplies Delivery (Tinberra Island), [Daily] Supplies Delivery (Oquilla’s Eye), [Daily] Supplies Delivery (Iliya Island), [Bonus] Supplies Delivery (Pirate Island), One Who Could Not Befriend the Forest, The One in Search of Fire, The One Who Chases the Flames, Secrets in the Art
● Fixed My Little Angel item description.
● Fixed titles of the following quests from Suggested quests:
– Just Wonderin’, In Search of a Master, To Oquilla’s Eye, Easy Peasy, Kakuo, Reborn as a Brilliant Artist
● Fixed typos in the following Knowledge keywords:
– Argos Sand Tower, Argos Obsidian Energy, Argos Artifact Repository
● Fixed typos in Scorching Sun Crystal item description.
● Fixed the issue of not being able to gather with a Lakiaro stored in your equipped Liana’s Tool Bag.
● Fixed the issue of being able to gather even when Gathering tool durability was 0.
● Fixed the issue of Saunil Siege Captain / Awakened Saunil Siege Captain not disappearing 30 minutes after summoning with the summon scroll.
● Fixed the issue where the names of enhanced items displayed abnormally in My Information (P) – Journal.
● Fixed the issue where the tooltip that appears when your character was equipped with a fishing rod was bleeding out of the UI.
● Fixed the issue where the button to expand more inventory slots didn’t appear for wharfs and guild stables.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t see the number of ships checked in at the wharf.
● Fixed the issue where the icons of certain UI for simplified descriptions appeared abnormal.
● Fixed the issue where the Arena of Solare Rankings window would display abnormally when viewed for the first time.


Source: Black Desert

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