Bird Buddy Launches Bird Buddy Explore: A New Digital Product for Birdwatching Enthusiasts Worldwide

Bird Buddy Releases New Digital Product: Bird Buddy Explore

Bird Buddy, known for their AI-powered smart bird feeders, has launched a new digital product called Bird Buddy Explore. This feature allows users to browse feeds from Bird Buddy cameras worldwide, including locations like Hawaii, Kenya, Chile, and Bhutan.

The launch of Bird Buddy Explore expands the company’s reach beyond just feeder owners, offering birdwatching opportunities in various habitats around the world.

Every week, the Bird Buddy app records two years’ worth of interactions with nature, providing ample content for the Explore feature. With over 1 million bird detections logged by Bird Buddy smart bird feeders daily, there is no shortage of interesting footage to curate.

To access Explore, simply download Bird Buddy’s flagship app for iOS or Android. Previously exclusive to feeder owners, the app now includes an Explore section denoted by a “globe” icon. From here, users can swipe through remote bird feeders worldwide and choose which one to watch by tapping “connect to feeder.” In addition to live feeds, users will receive snapshots and videos when birds visit these feeders.

The Explore feature also offers educational information about each encountered bird species within the app. Bird Buddy TV, a more casual feature, provides a vertical video feed of live bird sightings from customers’ feeders, similar to TikTok.

In conjunction with the digital product launch, Bird Buddy also introduces two new accessories: the Bird Buddy Perch Extender, designed to attract larger birds; and the Bird Buddy 3-in-1 Nutrition Set, including a water fountain, jelly tray, and fruit spike to entice specific bird species such as orioles and finches.

Co-founder and CEO Franci Zidar stated, “We are on a mission to help nature compete for our attention – and in the process, create daily connections with nature for as many people as possible. This is our most exciting development yet, unlocking the magic of birds and their role in our ecosystems.”

A new subscription option called Bird Buddy Pro offers users the ability to mute or ignore specific bird species, add additional guest slots, and maximize bird detections with a frenzy mode. Additionally, Bird Buddy plans to introduce its own seed subscription service later this fall to ensure customers have easy access to suitable bird feed.

To date, Bird Buddy has installed 150,000 feeders worldwide, capable of recognizing over 1,000 bird species.

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