Biden’s comments about Russia angered Americans

Bloomberg readers reacted sharply to US President Joe Biden’s statement about rising fuel prices in the country.

Earlier, Biden said at a press conference after the NATO summit that Americans would have to pay for expensive gasoline as long as possible, and blamed Russia for this. And he stressed the need to endure this “for as long as it takes so that Russia does not defeat Ukraine.”

This statement by the President of the United States caused outrage among readers in their comments on the agency’s Twitter.

“Everyone who voted for Obama/Biden is responsible for this nefarious inflation,” said user HeirToThaThrone.

0range Crush asked: “When will Americans get mad that Ukraine is not worth it?”

Ethereum Fibonacci noted that Biden’s proposed period is until November “because his stupidity will cost the Democrats the election.”

“The funny thing is that Biden did everything he could to make Russia work,” a Phantom user said.

Scott Isbell added: “He lost all touch with reality. This not normal”.

Source: RIA Novosti

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