Biden Worries Ukrainian Victory May be Imminent: Bolton

Former US national security adviser John Bolton said that US President Joe Biden wants Russia to be “defeated” but fears that Ukraine will “win.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bolton said: “Biden wants Russia to ‘win’ but apparently fears that Ukraine will actually ‘win’.” he must confirm it. And he made a plan to achieve this. And if he doesn’t trust him, he should say it.”

Bolton expressed his belief that the White House’s policy is limited to support for Ukrainian defense, while adding that this support is not enough to make Ukrainian defense “very effective.” He noted that vital munitions in the US are being depleted, and the capacity to replenish them is still insufficient. He stressed that the lack of precautionary measures strengthens the isolationists, who do not want to help Ukraine in the first place.

Bolton asked why Ukraine’s potential involvement in the Nord Stream bombings should threaten that country’s foreign aid.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called reports of Ukrainian activists’ involvement in the Nord Stream explosions nonsense, pointing out that sabotage of this kind can only be carried out by specialists with the support of a country with certain technologies.

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