Berlin’s Denial of Intention to Expel Russian Diplomats was deemed Hypocritical

A Russian diplomatic source confirmed that Berlin was hypocritical when it denied its intention to expel a large number of Russian diplomats until it took this step.

The source said: “The reason why German officials are lying about the expulsion of Russian diplomats is unknown. But the decision on this matter has been made and will be implemented, and the Russian side will reciprocate.”

On March 25, Focus magazine reported, citing sources in the German Foreign Ministry, that Foreign Minister Analina Berbock plans to declare more than 30 Russian diplomats persona non grata in Germany.

The magazine adds: The German security services believe that these diplomats use their diplomatic skills to obtain political, economic, military and scientific information and then use it to sabotage and spread misleading information.

Commenting on this information, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia’s response to Germany’s measures is ready, and that Beerbock will cause admiration.

Source: TASS

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