Belarus’ Nuclear Weapon Deployment: A Retaliatory Move Against the West’s Hybrid War on Russia in Moscow’s Perspective

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed that Russia’s deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus was a response to the all-out hybrid war being waged by the West against Russia.

Zakharova stressed that against the backdrop of the all-out hybrid war of the West against Russia and the declared intention of the United States and NATO to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia, it would be naive not to have any military countermeasures from the Kremlin.

“We have reserved and continue to reserve the right to take additional steps necessary to ensure the security of Russia and its allies,” she added.

And she stressed that Russia notes with concern the repeated increasing calls to expand the geography of US storage of nuclear bombs in Europe. With the strengthening of nuclear infrastructure to the borders of the Union State.

She noted that Moscow’s reaction has always been conservative.

And she continued: “At the same time, unlike NATO, which is a bloc of countries affiliated with the United States, in our case we are talking about the Union State, which formally has a common military doctrine. Therefore, we are talking about the security measures that the Union State has taken on its territory.”

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