"bad bird"Benjamin Franklin lists the characteristics of the symbol of the United States!

On January 26, 1785, the polymath and Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin expressed his displeasure that the bald eagle was the symbol of his nation.

Benjamin Franklin expressed his opinion in a long letter he sent to his daughter Sarah, in which he criticized the bald eagle, describing it as a bad-tempered bird that does not earn its living through its own efforts, but rather steals food from hunting hawks. , and he is also very lazy that he cannot hunt himself.

And this American scientist and politician wrote in his letter: “For my part, I hope that the bald eagle will not be chosen as the symbol of our country.”

On the contrary, Benjamin Franklin, in his letter to his daughter, enthusiastically praised the turkey as “the most respected bird” and “a true native of America.”

While he considered the eagle a “cowardly” bird, he described the turkey as a “brave bird” and would not hesitate to attack the British National Guard if they tried to storm his farm in their red blankets!

These three proposals were not passed by Congress, and it was not until 1782 that the Great Seal of the United States, with a bald eagle in the center, was approved.

After the failure of the Trilateral Commission, Charles Thompson, Secretary of Congress, took over and submitted a written design proposal that featured the “American bald eagle” as the centerpiece on the front of the seal.

The idea for the drawing was approved in June, but its implementation and engraving took place only in September 1782 and remain unchanged to this day.

Thus, those who consider this story legendary argue that when Benjamin Franklin got the opportunity to propose the official symbol of the United States eight years ago, his idea was inspired by the Bible and had nothing to do with birds.

And fans of the bald eagle believe that its adoption as an official symbol of the United States has been instrumental in preserving this bird species and preventing its extinction due to overfishing and the reduction of the environment in which it lives.

It’s also funny, as one American writer remarks, that if Franklin had preferred a turkey to a bald eagle, the United States would have lost one of its classic “jokes”!

The above anecdote says that a tourist is stranded on a California reservation. A few days later, he was so hungry that he killed all the endangered American condors. When he was stopped by the reserve’s guards, he confessed to his deed and that he had killed the disappearing bird.

The nomad appeared before the court and defended himself, blaming the famine. The judge understood his position and wanted to let him go, but before that he asked him with curiosity: “What does condor meat taste like?” moment and then replied: Like a bald eagle!!

Benjamin Franklin is an American scientist of rich culture and talent, best known as an author, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, publisher, and political philosopher. He is considered one of the most prominent thinkers of his day and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and he drafted the United States Declaration of Independence.

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