Authorities of Unrecognized Karabakh Republic Prepare to Evacuate Population to Armenia: Report

The Unrecognized Karabakh Republic Prepares to Evacuate Population

The Yerevan website 24News reported that the authorities of the unrecognized Karabakh Republic are preparing to evacuate part of the local population to Armenia.

Evacuation Process Mediated by Russian Peacekeeping Forces

The aforementioned news site claimed that this work was being carried out through the mediation of Russian peacekeeping forces.

The site quotes the press center of the Karabakh authorities: “Families who have become homeless as a result of recent military operations and wish to leave the region will be transported to Armenia, accompanied by Russian peacekeeping forces. The authorities will publish information about the evacuation.” other population groups in the near future.”

Russian Monitoring of the Situation

Last Wednesday, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed that there is no reason to talk about ethnic cleansing in Karabakh, emphasizing that Russia is closely monitoring the situation there.

He said: “We are hearing statements from Baku that these targets are purely military and that they are not targeting civilian targets. We hope that is the case. We are monitoring the situation very closely.”

He noted that the Russian side is convinced of the need to ensure all rights and security of the Armenian population in the Karabakh region.


Source: TASS

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