Austrian adviser reveals date for Israeli gas to flow through Egypt to Europe

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehamer said in an interview with the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper published today Tuesday that Israel could start delivering gas to Austria via Egypt next year.

The Austrian Chancellor said: “Israel is expected to be able to export gas next year. This possibility was confirmed by the Prime Minister of Israel (Naftali Bennett) during the negotiations.”

The Austrian chancellor raised the issue of rising energy prices with Austria’s trend to diversify energy supplies and reduce dependence on Russian gas, and stated that “phasing out gas from Russia will increase the cost of energy supplies. Austria is successfully working on the diversification of supplies.”

In the middle of this month, Egypt, Israel and the European Union entered into an agreement under which Israel would export natural gas to Europe via Egypt, where the gas would be liquefied in Egypt for export to Europe.

According to the Israeli “Radio Kan”, the agreement is valid for 3 years with the possibility of its extension for another two years. The European Union will also, within the framework of the agreement, encourage the participation of European companies in tenders for the exploration and production of natural gas in the economic waters of Israel and Egypt.

Source: TASS

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