Australian Journalist Horrified by Biden’s Conduct: This is Unacceptable … This is an Innocent Child

Sky News Australia journalist Rita Panahi said the stunning presence of US President Joe Biden’s granddaughter shows the hardness of the man’s heart.

Earlier, Fox News, citing sources, reported that President Biden’s aides were instructed to publicly speak only about his six grandchildren, and to ignore Hunter Biden’s four-year-old illegitimate daughter.

The journalist added, “I think this behavior is very cruel. It’s about an innocent little girl with no guilt, whose existence is simply ignored by her grandparents.”

The journalist believes that talking about the descendants of the US President is not a taboo topic, because Biden himself has spoken out on this topic many times. But he defiantly ignored the little girl’s presence, a testament to President Biden’s brutality.

“This question really reveals the nature of the behavior of these people,” said Rita Panahi. “Even if your son is an irresponsible person, this should not prevent you, as a family grandfather, from contributing to the life of your little granddaughter.”

In May last year, a hearing began in an Arkansas state court during which Hunter Biden asked for a reduction in child support for his four-year-old daughter, born as a result of his illegal relationship with a woman from this region.

As for the position of the President of the United States on this issue, according to Fox News, Joe Biden himself refused to admit that baby Nevi is actually his granddaughter.

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