Attorney General of Prague alleges that Trump intended to conceal unfavorable details from him

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Braff said former US President Donald Trump’s scheme was to hide “negative information” from him and repeatedly provide false information.

“Trump has been accused of repeatedly providing false information and inciting others to do so, and has 34 criminal charges against him, and these charges are unacceptable,” Bragg said.

The Attorney General noted, “Under New York State law, falsifying business documents with the intent to deceive and with the intent to cover up another crime…exactly what this case is all about: 34 false statements made to cover up other crimes.. These are criminal offenses in the State of New York.”

When asked about the money that went not only to pornographic actress Daniels but to other people, the attorney general said, “It’s not just about one payment, these other payments are part of the conspiracy in state election law that he mentioned.”

Bragg added: “Trump, along with others, tried to cover up and cover up crimes related to the 2016 election. We will not tolerate criminal charges, no matter who makes them.”

Bragg said Trump and his associates tried to keep negative information from him as part of a “hunt and kill scheme” to promote his candidacy for the presidency.

“The evidence will show that Trump was lying to cover up crimes related to the 2016 presidential election,” he said.

He added that Michael Cohen’s payments were intended to “hide negative information from voters.”

Asked why his office is now handling the case, Bragg said he had more evidence than his predecessor.

“Whoever you are, we cannot and will not normalize dangerous criminal behavior,” he said.

Bragg pointed out that Trump paid bribes through shell companies in violation of campaign finance laws and that the former president engaged in serious crimes.

Prosecutors pointed out that those involved in the two-woman payout scheme knew it was illegal, including Trump’s former lawyer.

The Attorney General of the Manhattan Court confirmed that Trump’s plan to falsify records and pay money to three people violated election laws in New York State, stressing that “there are no political motives in Trump’s case.”

Bragg continued, “Today, the Court is fulfilling its obligation to ensure that all are equal before the Court.”

Source: CNN+RT

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