Atari GameStation Pro: Official Announcement and Release Date Revealed – Preorders Available Now

My Arcade Announces Atari GameStation Pro


At the beginning of this year, the device was shown at CES and then kept secret again, but now things are suddenly going quite fast: My Arcade has officially announced the Atari GameStation Pro and it is expected to be released on October 31st.

Features and Pricing

For $99.99, customers will receive the modern console in a retro look along with two wireless controllers that also have integrated paddle functions. The device will contain 200 games, not only from the Atari 2600 but also from the Atari 7800, Arcade, and for the first time, Atari 5200, as well as “bonus titles”. An exact list of games is not available yet, and the product page provides little information here.


Preorders should be available from today “at select retailers” and it appears that sales are only officially planned in the US for now. If that changes, we’ll obviously want to take a closer look at the device.

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