Armenian Prime Minister Warns of Explosive Situation in Yerevan: Azerbaijan Mobilizes Forces on Border

Explosive Situation in Yerevan: Armenian Prime Minister Warns of Escalation


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that the situation in Yerevan is explosive, and Azerbaijan has mobilized its forces on the border with Armenia and on the dividing line with Karabakh.


This happened as part of Pashinyan’s statement at a government meeting today, Thursday, where he continued: “Over the past week, the military-political situation in our region has deteriorated significantly. The reason is that Azerbaijan has mobilized forces along the line of contact between Karabakh and the Armenian-Azerbaijani border within a few days. The Armenians are inciting this and the hatred is intensifying in the Azeri press and propaganda platforms.”

Call for International Intervention

According to Pashinyan, the situation “forces the international community and the member states of the UN Security Council to take serious measures to prevent a new explosion in the region.”

Commitment to Peace Agenda

He added: “Armenia is ready to sign an agreement on peace and settlement of relations with Azerbaijan and expresses its commitment to the peace agenda based on the agreements in Brussels and Prague, as well as the tripartite statement of the leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia.”


Source: RT

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