Arab soldiers in the Israeli army receive jail time for expressing support for Palestine with religious language.

The IDF said several soldiers were prosecuted for “inappropriate” statements of support for Jenin and insults to Israel.

The Israeli Army stated that: “In connection with the unwanted statements of the IDF soldiers in the video clip, they were subjected to a disciplinary court, as they were sentenced to long prison terms by the commander of the transport hub.”

4 soldiers were sentenced to 30 days in prison and another soldier was sentenced to 21 days in prison. The Israeli army also condemned the words in the video clip.

Previously, a video clip of Israeli soldiers, including “inappropriate” statements they made, was circulated on social media, prompting interaction and comments from the Israeli army as the Israeli news channel “i24” reported that Arab soldiers in the Israeli army were filmed directing insults to Israel, expressing their support for Jenin, and pointed out that interested parties appeared on the video saying, “God is with Jenin, God is with Palestine,” using obscene language to insult Israel.

Source: RT+i24

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