Antonov: US detention of Russian citizens in other countries is unacceptable

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said that the United States does not stop searching for and persecuting Russian citizens in third countries, calling this practice “unacceptable.”

Antonov said: “Regarding the persecution or detention of our citizens in third countries, we have repeatedly stated that we are categorically against the American policy of searching for Russians in various countries of the world. Today I have to admit that the Americans do not stop this, but continue their activities.” This is completely unacceptable.”

Antonov’s statements came after his visit to Russian Roman Seleznev, who was kidnapped by the CIA in the Maldives in 2014 and is currently in a North Carolina prison.

Antonov also visited Viktor Bout in Illinois, who was detained in Thailand at the request of the United States, and Alexander Vinnik, extradited from Greece, in California.

In October, the son of the Krasnoyarsk governor, Artem Os, was detained in Italy on a US warrant, and his alleged business partner, Yuri Orekhov, was detained in Germany.

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