Antonov accuses Washington of double standards in denying visas to Russian delegation at the UN

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said that the behavior of the United States in refusing to issue entry visas to a number of members of the Russian delegation and journalists is outrageous and testifies to Washington’s double standards.

Antonov said in a statement released by the Russian diplomatic mission: “The behavior of the Americans is outrageous… There is an example of the blatant abuse by the United States of its position as the host of the UN headquarters. “

“The refusal to issue visas to journalists is an eloquent example of the double standards of the United States,” the ambassador added.

Earlier, the Russian ambassador in Washington said that part of the Russian delegation, which is supposed to attend meetings of the UN Security Council, has not yet received entry visas to the United States.

Antonov also stressed that the Russian side is not asking the United States to issue visas for the delegation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, but demands “to ensure that it fulfills its obligations as a country on whose territory an international organization is located.”

And he added: “The US Administration is obliged to complete all the documents necessary for the arrival of private flights and our Foreign Ministry delegation.”

In the same context, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the US is required to issue visas to Russian journalists in order to cover Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s participation in the UN Security Council.

Zakharova told Sputnik radio: “Where are the visas that the US is supposed to issue to Russian journalists? They are required to do so. Our journalists will not cover American life or elections, although they are authorized to do so and have the right to cover them, as long as Washington repeatedly declares its commitment to freedoms.

Zakharova added that “Russian journalists are sent to the UN, accompanied by a Russian delegation, to cover the meetings of the Security Council, which Russia currently chairs.”

In the same context, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed that Washington had abused the status of host country of the UN headquarters by not issuing visas to all members of the Russian delegation.

“Yes, we received visas, but, as always, this was done through gross abuse of the status of the host country of the UN headquarters,” Lavrov said at a press conference with the Venezuelan foreign minister. They hesitated for a long time, and then they issued visas, but not delegations. “In general, some of our employees were not on this list. Our journalists, as I said, were not issued visas at all.”

Source: News + RT

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