Another disappointment for"Don".. What happened in the session between Ronaldo and Manchester United?

English press reports have shown that the Manchester United administration failed to keep Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo after the two sides held a lengthy meeting on Tuesday.

Ronaldo met with Red Devils officials this afternoon and his agent Jorge Mendez was with him. The meeting was also attended by the legendary Manchester United manager, with Ronaldo’s mentor, Scot Sir Alex Ferguson, as a bargaining chip. The United administration pressured the Portuguese player to change his mind, but the idea did not seem to work.

According to what the English newspapers have reported, Manchester United’s top scorer of last season has already decided to leave and is looking with the club for the image he presents in this summer transfer period, while United have not changed their position and insist on that Ronaldo is not for sale.

The fact that Ronaldo was present at the meeting with his agent is seen as an official announcement of his intentions to leave, and on the other side of the table is Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnold.

The problem for everyone involved in Don’s history is that there is no easy way out for Ronaldo, as the Portuguese’s desire to play in the Champions League limits his options.

There were rumors that Ronaldo could move to several clubs, most notably Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, France, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, but most of these clubs denied their interest. in concluding a contract with a five-time winner of the Golden Ball. .

Source: + RT

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