America’s Strength in Doubt: A Bleak Future Ahead for Nations in the Coming Years

Oxford University professor Peter Frankopan confirmed the beginning of the deterioration of relations between the West and the countries of the Southern Hemisphere and the acceleration of the change in the world order and the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing.

Frankopan said in an article entitled “Will Putin Win?” published by the British magazine The Spectator that the conflict “was the moment of one of the largest redistributions of wealth in history, allowing countries with large reserves of energy resources to achieve excess profits, which in turn led to accelerating change in the global system.

The professor notes that both the conflict itself and the way Western countries dealt with it “created huge opportunities for Sino-Russian cooperation.”

According to him, the two countries are united by “a joint emphasis on the importance of stability and the idea that they promote that the West is a destroyer, that it is unpredictable and unstable.”

Russia and China

And he added that Moscow’s anti-American rhetoric echoed in the former colonies, and vaccine diplomacy in the Russian Federation and China during the Covid-19 epidemic allowed them to significantly strengthen their positions in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. .

Noting at the same time that Washington suffered in this aspect when it bought vaccines and rapid test kits and gave up patents for their development.

Countries that “have long questioned American power,” Frankopan said, are also gravitating toward the image of multipolarity, in which “the United States will no longer be the world’s policeman.”

And the professor at Oxford University believed that the backbone of the Western alliance was still strong, “but he failed to enlist the support of many countries that refused to take sides.”

For example, in March last year, 25 African countries did not vote to “condemn” the actions of the Russian Federation at the session of the UN General Assembly, despite “colossal pressure from the West.”

gloomy prospects

In another context, Frankopan questions the “common belief” among Ukraine’s allies that “Russia is suffering economic and military defeat.”

He points out that some successes achieved by the Ukrainian security forces cannot compensate for the heavy losses, and despite the promises of Western leaders to transfer new weapons to Kiev in order to “finish what has been started”, “the prospects for the coming week, from months to years, do not look bright at launch “.

Russia, whose GDP fell much less than expected last year, also has more human and financial resources than Ukraine and looks like a preferred candidate in a “war of attrition,” according to the expert.

Source: TASS

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