Americans Transport Syrian Oil to US Bases in Iraq

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that US forces have extracted a new batch of Syrian oil from the Syrian Al Jazeera fields and transported it to their bases in Iraqi territory.

Local sources told the agency that a convoy of 23 vehicles, including covered trucks and tanks with stolen oil, was heading from Syrian territories to Iraq through the Al-Mahmoudiyah checkpoint in rural Yarubiya.

In the same context, sources said that 34 vehicles, including trucks and tanks with stolen Syrian oil, drove in groups through the Al-Walid checkpoint in the rural area of ​​Al-Yarubiya.

On February 27 last year, US troops extracted some oil from the Al Jazeera and eastern regions of the country and transported it in 34 tankers to their bases in Iraq via the (illegal) al-Mahmoudiyah Crossing, in the far eastern countryside of al-Hasakah in Iraqi border.

Source: Sana

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