American politician: CIA is the worst terrorist organization and should be disbanded

US politician and former House of Representatives candidate Jeffrey Young called the CIA “the world’s worst terrorist organization” and called for its abolition.

“The CIA has been the most feared terrorist organization in the world since its founding in 1947. It should be abolished now,” Yang tweeted on Tuesday.

The subscribers of his account agreed, and the Tradingnauta user wrote: “And NATO too.”

Patric_Do7979 wrote: “The CIA has created many problems not only in the economic sphere, but also in geopolitics, as well as by committing war crimes around the world.”

“Her dirty fingers are everywhere,” L. Muzangwa wrote, and NthCountryMaid stated, “Kennedy’s promises to disband the CIA and his calls for peace and an end to the arms race cost him his life.”

Earlier this year, Yang campaigned in the Kentucky House of Representatives, calling himself “perhaps the only anti-war Democrat.”

At the time, he explained in press statements that “prevention of nuclear war has been my main concern for 40 or 45 years” and added: “It is very likely that (this war) will happen, given the current situation, which is witnessing tensions and possibly an ongoing war, such as the Ukraine issue,” warning that “the chances of an accidental nuclear war are highest there.”

Yang has criticized the US government for sending weapons to the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment in Ukraine, which is officially considered part of the country’s National Guard since the 2014 Washington-sponsored coup.

Source: RT + US media

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