Along With Splash Damage, Shroud and Sacriel are Developing What They Call “The Best Survival Game Ever”

Legendary broadcasters Shroud and Sacriel have teamed up with British game company Splash Damage to produce what they hope will be the “greatest survival game ever,” a AAA open-world survival title.

The Shroud and Splash Damage Building, The Perfect Survival Gam e_

Splash Damage will create this brand-new IP from the ground up, while Sacriel and Shroud will serve as Executive Creators. Splash Damage previously worked on the multiplayer components of Gears of War 4 and Gears 5, Doom 3, Brink, and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Along with two of the top streamers in the world, it will now try to break into the survival shooter genre.

Shroud and Sacriel have a combined following of more than 18 million people on Twitch and YouTube. Shroud has a significant legacy presence, is one of the most popular Twitch streamers, and is a skilled esports competitor focusing on CSGO and VALORANT.

Project Astrid is now in pre-production. All we know about it is that it will be an open-world survival game with sophisticated shooter aspects. As a result, Splash Damage and anyone else engaged will be hard at work developing themes, characters, settings, and the foundation for any potential story aspects.

Since that survival shooters excel in multiplayer settings, this game will likely be multiplayer-focused. As Splash Damage has spent years working on player-versus-player multiplayer games, this will be similar to what the company is used to. The company may exercise its creative muscles and produce something original with this new IP.

Shroud praised the collaboration and expressed his excitement:

To me, this project is everything. With Splash Damage, Chris (Sacriel) and I are attempting to realize a vision for what the survival genre will look like. With Sacriel’s insight and Splash Damage’s staff, I’m confident we can create the best survival game ever.

The Shroud and Splash Damage Building, The Perfect Survival Game_

Shroud and Sacriel are no strangers to DayZ, Rust, PUBG, and Escape From Tarkov when it comes to difficult survival-based games. These games might motivate the urge to develop a brand-new survival shooting experience.

You should keep a careful eye on this initiative.

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