Al Shabab Signs Moroccan Captain Romain Sayes on Loan from Al Sadd

Saudi Football Club Al Shabab Announces Loan Signing of Moroccan Captain Romain Sayes

Saudi football club Al Shabab announced on Tuesday its official contract with the captain of the national team of Morocco, Romain Sayes, on loan from Qatari side Al Sadd, until the end of the current season.

Excitement at Al Shabab as Romain Sayes Joins the Team

And the official account of the Saudi club on the platform “X” wrote: “From the Atlas Lions to the Royal Lions, Roman Sayes is my youth.”

Al-Shabaab Welcomes Roman Sayes

He continued: “Al-Shabaab management, headed by Prof. Khalifa Al-Khuwayshan, has officially signed a contract to join Moroccan international Roman Sayes on loan until the end of the season from Qatari side Al-Khuwayshan. -Sad.

Wishing Roman Sayes Success at Al Shabab

The youth administration wished the player success in his career as part of the Sheikh of Saudi clubs.

Roman Sayes’ Journey to Al Shabab

Sayes joined Al Sadd at the end of July last year from Turkey’s Besiktas in a deal valued at 2.5 million euros, and he played for the Qatari side in the Arab Championship, but did not play a single match in the Qatari league because his club failed to register him on the list.

Qatari federation law stipulates that clubs are allowed to register seven foreign professional players, provided that two of them are under 21 years of age.

Al Sadd terminated the contract of five overage players: Ecuadorian Gonzalo Plata, Brazilian Paulo Ottavio and Colombian Matheus Uribe, as well as former Algerian players Baghdad Buneja and Brazilian Guilherme Torres.

Al-Sadd signed two players under the age of 21, Iranian Amin Hazbawi and Brazilian Giovanni Enrique, but the latter’s injury from a ruptured cruciate ligament left him free to replace him, provided he was under the age of one. A year later, the Moroccan international was forced leave, even on loan at the Al-Shabaab club.

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