Al-Ahli Faces Electric Chair for Failing to Pay Huge Fine to Zamalek

The head of the football company of the Egyptian club “Al-Ahly” Adly Al-Kai revealed the fate of the fine of the team’s star Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba.

Adli Al-Kai said during a television appearance: “The decision to fine Kahraba in favor of the Zamalek club is final and enforceable, and it is clear that the lawyers are trying to extend the period of non-payment of the fine.”

He added: “Kahraba has a lawyer who is trying to extend the time limit so that the player can get the amount of the fine, because the fine is very large at $2.4 million.”

And he continued: “Al-Ahly cannot pay the fine for electricity because if he did, he would be in violation, but the club is trying to help by renewing his contract and increasing his income legally, but he cannot pay the fine from his name because it’s illegal.

Adly Al-Kai concluded: “The role of the businessman has not changed, but his crisis will be resolved because he is a very important and influential player in the team.”

And the International Sports Court “Kass” ruled on a fine of Kahrab in the amount of two million 200 thousand dollars, in addition to disqualification for a period of 6 months in July last year, due to the unilateral termination of his contract. with Zamalek Club, in 2019.

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