Aksyonov denies Kyiv’s accusations of attacking Crimea

The head of the Crimean peninsula, Sergei Aksyonov, denied Kyiv’s accusations that he was launching an offensive in a southerly direction.

In his Telegram channel, Aksyonov called such statements another falsification of Ukrainian propaganda, which is being promoted in the West, emphasizing that what is being distributed is nothing more than a filler of information, like all of its predecessors.

Aksyonov said Ukrainian forces suffered “heavy losses both in the south and in all other directions.”

He added that Kyiv needs to prove its activity to the “masters of the West”, so he is engaged in the manufacture of lies and falsifications.

“As for the people who throw them into the clutches of certain death for the sake of media effect, drug addicts do not spare them,” he said.

On August 9, Aksyonov denied reports of a general evacuation in the Saki region of northern Crimea after reports of explosions.

Source: RT

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