After the documentary"Netflix"Belgium arrests "puppeteer" British extradition to France!

Belgian police on Saturday arrested a British swindler who appeared in a Netflix documentary and was wanted in France after he ran over two police officers while fleeing a raid.

A Belgian police spokesman said Robert Hende Frigor was arrested on Friday near Brussels and is due to appear in court on Saturday.

Robert, a 51-year-old former waiter, has been on the run since late August when he rammed his car into two French officers in a remote central village.

Earlier this year, Netflix aired a three-part documentary, Puppet Master: The Hunt for the Greatest Rogue, which prompted a raid in France.

Frigar has been illegally breeding dogs in the village of Vidaya in the sparsely populated Cruz region of central France since 2015, according to local officials.

Later on August 25, animal rights inspectors came to the house with policemen to inspect the building, but Robert escaped in his car and rammed two policemen.

A British fraudster has been charged with attempted murder of a civil servant with a maximum sentence of 30 years. He was called the “Puppet Master” for his ability to control his victims.

A London court sentenced him to life imprisonment in 2005 for fraud, theft and kidnapping in an unusual trial.

The kidnapping charges were later dropped on appeal and he was released from prison in 2009 after he warned his angry victims that he was going to cheat again.

In a Netflix documentary, the children of a woman believed to be his current partner, Sandra Clifton, said she disappeared after meeting her.

In February, a local pensioner living nearby watched a documentary and met Clifton. Then they called their daughter online.

It is said that during the trial in London, the puppeteer’s life motto was: “The bigger the lie, the more convincing.” He convinced his victims that he was a British intelligence officer and that they were on the run from terrorists.

Source: AFP.

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