Administration of the Kherson region: The Ukrainian army has no prospects for capturing the region

Kirill Strimosov, deputy head of the Civil Military Administration of the Kherson region, said that the Ukrainian army has no opportunities to capture the region, adding that all its counterattacks are theoretical and informational in nature.

In an interview with Novosti Agency, he added: “They don’t have the ability to launch an attack. All their counterattacks are theoretical and media. No one captured a single area. All their attempts in recent months have ended in failure. “

He added that the Kyiv regime is trying to sow fear among the inhabitants of the region with its statements.

He explained, “But even fear and curiosity sometimes start to crumble. People are tired of these constant threats of attack. On the one hand, it causes laughter, and on the other, it is a sin. The Ukrainian army ends up with huge and needless losses in its ranks. But among the Ukrainian military there are no … sons of Avakov, Turchynov and Poroshenko. They enjoy life at this time.”

He added that every movement of the Ukrainian army towards the Kherson region, and this is a steppe region, ends for him in defeat and heavy losses.

The head of the press service of the Defense Forces of the Command “South” of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Natalya Gomenyuk previously told Ukrainian journalists that the Ukrainian army is launching counterattacks in the Kherson region and is making progress in the east. For their part, a number of Ukrainian politicians, citing their sources, report that the Ukrainian military entered the city of Kherson.

Source: RIA Novosti

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