Abdul Malik al-Houthi Announces Radical Change and Adjustment in Ansar Allah’s Policies in Yemen

Radical Change and Adjustment in Yemen’s Ansar Allah Group


The leader of the Ansar Allah group, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, announced a stage of radical change and adjustment in the policies and methods of work of the authorities affiliated with his group in the territories under its control in Yemen.

First Stage of Radical Change

In his speech today, al-Houthi emphasized that the first stage of radical change includes modernizing the bloated structure, changing obstructive mechanisms and procedures, and adjusting policies and working methods so as to achieve its goal of serving the people and helping in official and popular integration in work to develop the country and solve economic problems.

Restructuring the Salvation Government

Al-Houthi explained that the changes include the restructuring of the Salvation Government in Sanaa with the creation of a competent government embodying national partnership, by dismissing officials in the “national salvation” government formed by Ansar Allah, he said.

Correcting the Judicial System

He noted that the first stage also includes work to correct the situation in the judicial system, eliminate its imbalances and open an effective path to resolve unresolved problems, emphasizing that the path of radical change and reform of state institutions depends on religious identity. Yemeni people.

The Necessity of Radical Change

He added: “Radical change was a necessity from the very beginning and after the victory of the September 21 Revolution, but the greatest priority was to resist aggression as our people almost lost their freedom and became an occupied country, completely subject to external control.”

Rooted Problems in State Institutions

He noted that “the issue of radical change goes back to ancient causes, and the defect is old and deep-rooted,” noting that “there are many negative systems, laws, regulations and concepts rooted in official activities.” state institutions,” indicating that “the situation in state institutions should not remain as it is.” “It’s on him.”

Positive Impact on the Economy

He emphasized that the upcoming changes will have a positive impact on the economic aspect of the areas under the control of the group, saying: “The Yemeni people can completely change their economic reality, transform themselves into a productive country, change their economic policies and remove obstacles in their internal situation, be it obstacles in government institutions, be it laws or wrong systems or policies, or by some officials who work in the interests of the enemy to prevent any revival.”


He emphasized that “change must be accompanied by a popular trend and effective action to change reality.”


Source: RT+Shiba+agencies

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