A New Period of Growth: Putin States Russian Economy has Entered a Fresh Cycle

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today, Tuesday, that work in an intensive mode is yielding positive results, a new cycle of growth of the Russian economy has been recorded.

Speaking at a meeting of the State Council for the Development of Industry under the Sanctions, the President of Russia said that the Western initiators of the sanctions abruptly cut off ties, but Russia managed to ensure the stability of the economic situation.

“Working at a fast pace gives positive results, I spoke about this in my message, we managed to enter a new cycle of economic growth. Today, taking into account the dynamics of the situation, we will outline further steps in the development of the industry,” Putin added.

The meeting of the Council took place today, Tuesday, in the city of Tula, about 185 km south of the Russian capital Moscow, where Putin visited the Tulazeldormash plant, which specializes in the production of various types of railcars.

Source: Prime

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