A new crisis threatens the Algerian national team after "clothing"

The general secretary of the Algerian Football Association, Munir Debechies, said his country could be subject to sanctions by its counterpart, the African Confederation of Football (CAF), due to local clubs.

Algerian clubs often suffer from the specter of debts and huge financial problems, which is contrary to the new laws passed by the Confederation of African Football.

Munir Debechies told Algerian radio today Friday: “Algerian clubs that are interested in participating in continental competitions next season should be free of any significant debt.”

He added: “These clubs should not face any follow-up, whether in Algeria or abroad, otherwise they will penalize themselves and the Algerian team will also be penalized.”

He clarified that: “The Algerian Federation will be in charge of checking the files and they will not be submitted to CAF until they are checked because if we do the opposite, we will incur a punishment that no one wants.”

This fear coincides with the state of instability experienced by the Algerian Federation after the resignation of Sharafeddin Amar.

It is expected that the names of applicants for climbing to the top of the Algerian football pyramid will become known next week.

Algerian reports indicate that former President Mohamed Raurava is a strong candidate to return to the post, which he left in 2017.

Earlier in the press it was reported that the International Football Association (FIFA) imposed severe sanctions on the Algerian Football Federation for breaking the rules, for example, depriving it of financial subsidies that are paid annually to local federations.

The move was taken in response to the misconduct committed by the Algerian Football Association by transforming its operations from a sports association into a for-profit company specializing in the purchase and sale of sports equipment and apparel.

This clear violation of the rules of the International Football Association (FIFA) cost the Algerian Federation financial sanctions, which could be equivalent to sports fines if it does not correct its legal status.

Source: agencies

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