45 Civilians Dead in Eastern Congo Rebel violence

The death toll from rebel attacks in eastern Congo has risen to at least 45 this week.

District Deputy Governor Saidi Balikwesha said dozens of people were killed with insurgent knives over the course of two days when ISIS-linked Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF) fighters took over several villages in North Kivu, killing civilians.

He added: “Not even three or four days go by without us registering deaths as a result of ADF brutality. That is why we repeat once again: we need a large military force to come and contribute to the restoration of peace. “

Balikuesha explained that little is being done to help others whose houses have been burned down by the rebels.

It is worth noting that the conflict in eastern Congo has been raging for decades, with more than 120 armed groups vying for control, influence and resources, some of them defending their communities.

The Allied Forces militias also operate in North Kivu, but they have also extended their operations to neighboring Ituri State and areas near Goma.

On Thursday, the bodies were dumped into a mass grave in Mukundi, where more than 30 people were killed by gunshots, knives and machetes, according to authorities.

Source: AB

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