Ziyech makes an official statement about his future and his agent

Moroccan player Hakim Ziyech confirmed in an official statement released on Friday evening that he has reached a milestone in his life that allows him to take full control of his career.

And recently there have been reports in the press that Ziyech could leave Chelsea this summer as Milan look forward to signing him.

Ziyech released an official statement through his personal Instagram app account, saying, “I have reached a stage in my life where it is the right time for me to take full control of my future career.”

Al-Mugrabi added: “I want decisions and negotiations about my future to be made by me alone. From now on, I, my team and legal staff will deal with the commercial side of the issues.”

“I remain incredibly grateful for your continued support,” he continued.

Ziyech indicated that his agent Nakhli no longer represented him and thanked him for the past 12 years, wishing him well.

Source: agencies

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