Zelinsky reflects on the significance of prayer during Ramadan following Koran desecration by his troops

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed hope that the “power of prayer” would help “cleanse” Ukraine of what he called the “evil of the Russian atheist.”

Zelensky, in a video posted last night on his official Twitter page, congratulated Muslims on the holiday of Ramadan and said: “We hope that the power of prayer in this blessed month of Ramadan will help us cleanse Ukraine from the evil of the Russian atheist, and of those who doesn’t really believe in anything, and that’s why the reason is that they are capable of such terror.”

And he continued, saying: “Let the next month of Ramadan begin in the world and on all Ukrainian land free from Russia.”

These statements, in which Zelensky is trying to create the impression that Russia is “atheistic,” although this claim has nothing to do with reality after the collapse of the Soviet Union and a large-scale revival of religious life, come against the backdrop of scandals that raise serious doubts about the true position of the Ukrainian authorities themselves. regarding faith and religion.

Videos of Ukrainian soldiers desecrating copies of the Holy Quran have recently been circulated, sparking anger and outrage among Muslims and their leaders in Russia and beyond, although the Ukrainian army denied the videos were true, arguing that such incidents were “impossible” from -because of the presence in its ranks of representatives of different religions.

As for the Russian Orthodox Church, which has a very large number of followers in Ukraine, the Kiev authorities have been practicing persecution and discrimination against it for years, and recently this hostile policy has intensified, since Kiev gave the monks of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church until March 29 to liberate Kiev- Pechersk Lavra, seat of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kiev.

The Ukrainian government is also threatening to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church altogether, accusing it of “association” with Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously indicated that the Ukrainian authorities continue to do everything in their power to exacerbate the split and increase tensions between religions, noting that the West condones religious persecution taking place in Kiev.

Source: RT

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