Zelensky’s Counterattack Failure Sparks Outrage on Twitter: You’ve Brought Death and Destruction to Your People

Twitter users have criticized statements by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about training the Ukrainian army in Western countries and called on him to step down to save what is left of Ukraine.

They blamed him for the suffering of the Ukrainians and reminded him of the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian Nazis.

One user asked: “How many Ukrainian lives will be lost due to your propaganda and arrogance?”

Another user added: “The world is waiting for your resignation. You have brought death and destruction to your people.”

A third asked: “Zelensky, have you seen what the Ukrainian Nazis are doing?”

Another wrote: “Training a hundred soldiers is useless when thousands are killed. The counterattack failed, only your unconditional surrender can save what is left of Ukraine.”

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