Zelensky: The world’s interest in the war in Ukraine is declining

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that interest in the conflict in Ukraine in the world is declining, and called on the leaders of countries to call on their citizens to support and express their support for Ukraine.

During a meeting with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Kyiv on Friday, Zelensky said: “I completely agree with you that the world is declining interest in war because people in Europe and in the world don’t want to think about war, and that’s True, they want the war to be far away from them.

And Zelensky warned that the scale of hostilities could expand at the expense of other countries.

He continued: “It is therefore important that interest, and I am sorry to use the term, not abate in this war. Only we, the heads of state and the media, can do this.”

Zelensky pointed to the danger of starvation in the countries of Asia and Africa due to the suspension of the supply of agricultural products from Ukraine to the international market.

“It is important that these countries do not maneuver between Russia and Ukraine … but stand next to Ukraine,” he said.

He considered that this issue could lead to waves of migration, adding that “this is our common cause, and society should be informed as much as possible through media policy, talk about these risks and support Ukraine.”

Source: TASS

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