Zelensky accused Russia of "gas war" Against Europe and calls for tougher sanctions against Moscow

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the European Union to respond to what he called the “Russian gas war” against Europe by tightening European sanctions against Moscow and severing trade relations with it.

“Today we saw new threats to Europe related to gas,” Zelensky said in a video message on Monday, referring to the reduction in the pumping of Russian gas to Europe via Nord Stream.

He added: “This is a brazen gas war that Russia is waging against a united Europe. She does not care what will happen to people and how they will suffer, whether they will suffer from hunger as a result of the blockade of ports. , or from the cold of winter and poverty, or from occupation. These are different forms of terrorism.”

He continued, “Therefore, we must respond with force. And not to think about restoring the turbine, but to tighten sanctions and make every effort to limit Russian imports, not only of gas and oil, but in general of any other export that still remains. still. And to minimize trade relations with Russia. “Perhaps because every such attitude is a potential means of pressure from Russia.”

It is noteworthy that the Russian Gazprom announced a reduction in gas pumping through the Nord Stream gas pipeline in connection with repair work at the Portovaya gas pumping station.

Source: RT

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