Zakharova: The formation of a new Moldovan government will not change its policy towards Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the formation of a new Moldovan government will not change its policy towards Russia.

Zakharova stressed in a statement published by the Russian Foreign Ministry on its website that Russia will continue its attempts to develop the areas of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Moldova, to seek the interests of the citizens of the two countries, no matter what the circumstances.

Zakharova added that Russia is closely following the formation of a new Moldovan government, pointing to a significant increase in anti-Russian rhetoric during this period in Moldova under the pretext that Russia plans to destabilize Chisinau.

Zakharova noted that Kyiv is trying to spread false information to incite discord and disagreements between Moscow and Chisinau, and any sane Moldovan will not believe this media propaganda.

Zakharova called the changes in the Moldovan cabinet “plastic surgery”, noting that 11 out of 15 ministers remain in their positions, which indicates that Moldova has no opportunity to change its policy towards Russia.

Zakharova stressed that Western politicians are pushing Moldova to the same path as Ukraine and some of the Baltic countries.

Zakharova explained that the West uses the same methods in all countries, banning Russian media, persecuting political opponents, limiting the use of the Russian language and trying to falsify the common history between Russia and these countries, as well as restricting political, commercial, economic and humanitarian relations with Russia, and this is a question that the common interests of these countries are opposed to Russia.

It is noteworthy that the Moldovan Parliament on Thursday approved the formation of a new government headed by former Interior Minister Dorin Resen.

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